Do you know how to fix a dangling modifier? What’s so wrong with split infinitives? Why does everyone get so hung up on the Oxford comma? Whether you missed those lessons the first time around or you just need a little refresher, you need to pick up Writely Or Wrongly. The team at Murdoch Books were kind enough to send me a copy for review.

Anderson presents a no-nonsense myth-dismantling guide to the English language. She provides historical context for the conventions that often trip us up, and cites popular examples of what to do (and not to do). Anderson’s primary objective in Writely Or Wrongly is simply to help us achieve clarity in communication. She doesn’t believe in pedantry for pedantry’s sake, and she’s not shy about telling us which rules we can break. She’s also not afraid to laugh at this language she clearly loves, and point out its inadequacies.

English doesn’t go anywhere without its best friends: exceptions.

Writely Or Wrongly (Page 49)

Even though I read Writely Or Wrongly cover-to-cover in one sitting, I don’t think that’s necessarily the best way to use this book. It’s one to flip through for an overview, then keep on hand to use as a reference text or a cheat sheet. It’s even got a great Index at the back for your convenience.

This adorable little orange hardback – illustrated by Matt Golding – would make the perfect gift for anyone who has to communicate in written English.

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