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What I’ll Be Reading In 2024

Another new year is here! Fresh starts, clean slates, all of that. Here’s a little preview of what I’ll be reading in 2024 – with a fun new strategy for picking each book for review!

What I'll Be Reading In 2024 - Keeping Up With The Penguins
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How I’ll be choosing books in 2024

After the roaring success of the TBR jar in 2023, I’m going to level up the selection process for what I’ll be reading in 2024.

Bingo cage in box on a wooden table

Inspired by our lord and saviour Taylor Swift, and her Midnights Mayhem With Me content, I’ve set myself up an old-school bingo wheel. 75 balls, 75 books, and one reader committed to reading the corresponding book for each ball in the order that they’re drawn, all year long.

As I did with the TBR jar, I’ll share each pick over on Instagram, so if you want to see it play out in real time, that’s where you need to be 🙂

What’s on the list?

Seventy-five is a LOT of books! I fully don’t anticipate getting through them all this year. I didn’t get through all the post-its in the TBR jar last year, and there weren’t nearly that many in there. So, I’ve thrown the leftovers onto this list, and padded it out with lots of other books on my shelves that I’ve been meaning to read. Here’s a few that you’ll (hopefully) see roll out soon:

Books coming out in 2024

And, of course, there’s a huge roster of great new books coming out in 2024! Here are some of the ones I’m especially looking forward to:

Here’s to another great reading year!


  1. Wow – I plan challenges and goals but not what I am actually going to read! I just go yeah, that review is due and read that way. I’m impressed with this list!

  2. The bingo wheel! What a fun idea! I’m trying out the TBR Jar this year. (Although I haven’t drawn anything yet—still finishing up some books I had in progress. 🙈)

    • Sheree

      January 11, 2024 at 2:59 PM

      I am having WAY too much fun with my bingo wheel already – it might just end up being a permanent fixture! 😅

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