The Unusual Abduction Of Avery Conifer - Ilsa Evans - Keeping Up With The Penguins
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The Unusual Abduction Of Avery Conifer is one of those books with a dark premise, but a tone so endearing and light-hearted that it’s an absolute delight to read.

In this perfectly-timed new story from Ilsa Evans (who became a grandmother herself as she was writing), two women on opposing sides of a family divide come together to protect their granddaughter after they learn she is being abused by her father. The fine folks at Harlequin (Harper Collins) were kind enough to send me a copy for review.

The adventures of wacky mad-cap older folks are a balm to all the stresses of this year. Beth and Shirley are very Odd Couple: the cynic and the optimist, the conscientious planner and the free thinker. But Winnie, the sneaky and snarky great-grandmother, is my favourite of the lot.

They all come together to save the day in this heart-warming and up-lifting read.

“It may take a village to raise a child,” as Evans says on page 241, “but perhaps it only took a couple of older women to protect one.”

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