When I tell people that I’m working my way through a list of classic and contemporary books that I “should” have read already, the most common response I get is “Oh, I know a book you should add to that!”. I thank them for the suggestion, and politely decline… until now!

If you’ve got an idea for a book that I should review, this is your chance! Submit the book title and author and any other supporting information to me using the form below, and I’ll take it into consideration.

I’m especially on the hunt for:

  • Classics that I haven’t covered yet
  • Contemporary adaptations of classics
  • Fascinating non-fiction (including memoirs and autobiographies)
  • Poetry and experimental formats

But that doesn’t mean I’m not open to reading anything else! So, go for it – suggest anything and everything you’d like to hear my thoughts on!

Important note: if you are an author yourself and you would like to request I read your own work, please tell me that up-front! I am more than happy to consider including your awesome book in my list to review, but we’ll need to discuss a few things about how it will work for both of us. Also, please note that (at this stage) I will only review books in hard-copy.

And if you want to make sure I can keep this project running long enough to get around to your suggestion, you can donate to Keeping Up With The Penguins by clicking the banner below. You get my eternal gratitude in return – not to mention more fantastic book recommendations from KUWTP!