The Hiding Place - Jenny Quintana - Keeping Up With The Penguins
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The Hiding Place is the book I didn’t know I needed: a twisty-turney thriller without a dead or missing girl. Imagine that!

Also notably, blessedly absent: hard-boiled heavy-drinking detectives with a dark past, ticking time bombs, and ex-boyfriends with a knack for coercive control.

Jenny Quintana’s third book is a compelling page turner without the tired tropes. My friends at Macmillan were kind enough to send me a copy for review.

The story centers on Marina’s search for the truth surrounding the circumstances of her birth. As an infant, just a few days old, she was found wrapped in a blue shawl in the doorway of 24 Harrington Gardens, in a quiet London suburb.

Now, as an adult, she can’t resist the allure of one of the apartment at that address for let, and the opportunity to find out what exactly happened to her birth mother.

The neighbours, the house, the nearby bookshop – they all hold clues.

Quintana’s close attention to detail will transport you (though be aware that there are some passages regarding childbirth, abortion, and grief that may be triggering).