The Girls Are All So Nice Here - Laurie Elizabeth Flynn - Keeping Up With The Penguins
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Class reunions make us all apprehensive, but Ambrosia dreads hers more than most.

Gathering with all of her classmates from Wesleyan, the strange elite college she attended when she was a starry-eyed small town girl and desperate to fit in, threatens to dredge up her darkest secrets.

The Girls Are All So Nice Here alternates between “then” and “now”, slowly building up to reveal what really happened That Night at Dorm Doom, and who must pay the price ten years later. My obliging friends at Harlequin (Harper Collins) were kind enough to send me a copy for review.

This book is basically Gossip Girl with a dead body and a whodunnit thrown in. Unfortunately, aging up the characters means that you get a bunch of people in their 30s talking and acting like teenagers.

Their emotions and entanglements were overwrought, their motivations unclear, and the narration lacked the finesse to make it forgivable. The hints as to Ambrosia’s secret went from tantalizing to heavy-handed as it progressed, and I’m not sure the pay-off was really worth it.

The premise was intriguing, it started strong, but I’m afraid The Girls Are All So Nice Here fell flat for me.