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The Dead Romantics – Ashley Poston

A blocked ghost writer falls in love with her dead, sexy, no-longer-corporeal editor? Yes, please! The Dead Romantics is the perfect way to kick off spooky reading season. My endless gratitude to Harlequin Australia for sending through a copy for review.

Florence Day has ghost-written several best-selling romances for a reclusive big-name author. It’s a living, but she’s stuck on her most recent project. She’s disillusioned, burned out from a decade of dating in New York, and she no longer believes in true love or happily ever afters.

The fact that Florence, and her funeral director father who lives “back home” in a small Southern town, can see and speak to ghosts is almost incidental… but it’s the crucial hook that makes The Dead Romantics refreshing and fun.

When her editor’s ghost shows up on her doorstep, Florence realises that his death isn’t going to get her off the hook of delivering her manuscript. She needs to help his ghost move on, and to do that, she needs to rediscover her passion for romance and write the happily-ever-after her characters deserve.

There were no happily ever afters between an undertaker’s daughter and her ghost.

The Dead Romantics (Page 191)

Despite a few too-convenient coincidences and tiny inconsistencies, The Dead Romantics is a delightful read. It’s the perfect pick for readers who want to get into the spirit of Halloween without giving themselves nightmares. Plus, my edition includes a reading guide, book club questions, and a sweet list of Ashley Poston’s favourite comfort reads. The Dead Romantics is sure to be the #bookstagram darling of the season.

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  1. I had such a fun time reading this too! If I hadn’t known the end I maybe wouldn’t have picked it up, but I’m really glad I did. Gotta have that HEA!

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