The Concierge - Abby Corson - Keeping Up With The Penguins
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Hector Harrow has worked at Cavengreen Hotel for his entire adult life. He’s the hotel concierge, which means he sees everything and says nothing… until now. He’s finally ready to spill the beans about what happened the night of the murder. That’s where The Concierge begins, and I was thrilled to dive into the copy that Ultimo Press sent me for review.

From the blurb, The Concierge sounded a bit like The Speechwriter, which really piqued my interest. It didn’t play out that way on the page, but it does fall into an equally interesting (to me) category instead: the older-people-behaving-badly story.

Hector Harrow didn’t just discover the body at Cavengreen Hotel, he was accused of the murder, and he’s telling the story in the hopes of clearing his name. He’s the only completely believable and fleshed-out character, but seeing as he’s the narrator, Corson just about gets away with it. I think she did a great job of depicting his OCD behaviours, and showing how the trauma of Hector’s childhood abuse impacted his experience of the plot.

The Concierge does start to drag a bit beyond the half-way point, when things should be ratcheting up in an Agatha Christie-style mystery, but if you can hang in there, there’s a Big Twist(TM) to come in the final chapter. You’ll also have to overlook some clunky dialogue and some major plot holes (no DNA testing?), but it’s forgivable as long as you’re as endeared to Hector as I am.

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