Keeping Up With The Penguins is committed to providing quality services and information to you, and this policy outlines our ongoing obligations to you in respect of how we manage your Personal Information (with as little legal jargon as possible).

We have adopted the National Privacy Principles (NPPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). The NPPs govern the way in which we collect, use, disclose, store, secure, and dispose of your Personal Information. If you want to know more about the NPPs, you can head to

What personal information are you collecting?

We’ve made a point of asking for as little as possible from you. “Personal Information”, as per the law, is any information that identifies you as an individual. For Keeping Up With The Penguins, this means your email address (if you subscribe to our awesome newsletter), and/or your name and any other information you choose to provide in leaving a comment on this site.

Some of our pages include affiliate marketing links and programs, in which case third parties might provide information to us about how you’ve used their services. For instance, another business might let us know that you made a purchase after finding them through a link on our site – really, it’s just so we can get paid.

Whichever way your information makes its way to us, we will only use it for the primary purpose of communicating with you about the awesome stuff we post here, and maybe sometimes for any closely-related secondary reason (and, legally, that’s only where you yourself would reasonably expect such use or disclosure by us).

Whatever reason we have for collecting information from you, we’ll make it as obvious as we can (and, if you’re ever worried, you can Contact Us at any time to double check).

What about more sensitive information?

The Privacy Act defines “Sensitive Information” as anything about your racial or ethnic origin, your political opinions, your membership of a political association, your religious or philosophical beliefs, your membership of a trade union or professional body, your criminal record, or your health information. We have no reason to collect this information from you, and we will not ask you to share it with us.

If there was ever a reason that we came into possession of that type of information, we will only use it for the primary purpose for which it was obtained (e.g., reading a comment that you left on our site that contains that information), for a secondary purpose that is directly related to the primary purpose (e.g., checking out your blog that you linked to in that comment), with your consent, or where required/authorised by law.

What about these “third parties”?

Wherever reasonable and practical, we’ll ask you for your Personal Information directly (e.g., when we ask for your email address so we can send you our awesome newsletter). Sometimes, other people might provide information about you to us. In that case, we’ll take reasonable steps to let you know what they’ve told us. Sometimes, we use third party systems to perform functions on our site (like Mailchimp for our newsletter, and a Facebook widget that links between this site and our Facebook page profile). If you’re ever worried, please Contact Us and we’ll tell you anything you want to know about your information on record.

Who can you share it with?

We will only share the information you’ve provided to us with third parties where you’ve consented to that use/disclosure, or where required/authorised by law. If another situation comes up where we might need or want to share your details, we’ll take all reasonable steps to let you know!

Is my information secure?

Of course! We store anything you tell us in a manner that you could reasonably expect would protect it from misuse, loss, or unauthorised access. We won’t modify or disclose it in any way that isn’t covered here.

When we don’t need your information anymore (e.g., if you unsubscribe from our awesome newsletter), we’ll take all reasonable steps to destroy it or permanently de-identify it. Bear in mind that your comments stay on the blog in perpetuity by default – but if you want them removed, please Contact Us and let us know!

So, can I ask what you’ve got on file about me?

Of course! You can access any information we hold by making a request any time, and update/correct it as you see fit. Keeping Up With The Penguins won’t charge you any fees or make you jump through ridiculous hoops – we might just ask that you identify yourself before we release the details (this is just a precaution, to make sure no information gets into the hands of someone else).

We take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information we hold on file is up to date as required. If you notice that it doesn’t seem to be, please let us know a.s.a.p.! We will update our records quick-smart, and make sure you stay in the loop.

Well, that’s that, then!

Almost. This policy might change from time to time – the most up-to-date version will always be available right here, on our website.

If you have any queries or complaints about this policy, you can Contact Us via or you can email us directly at keepingupwiththepenguins[at]gmail[dot]com.

P.S. You should know that we are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. This means that if you click on a link from our site and choose to buy something from Amazon, we get a teeny-tiny percentage of the price, at no extra cost to you. If you have any questions about how that works, please do get in touch! Thank you for supporting Keeping Up With The Penguins.