Abomination – Ashley Goldberg
Accomplished – Amanda Quain
Acting Class – Nick Drnaso
All Of Us Are Broken – Fiona Cummins
All The Beautiful Things You Love – Jonathan Seidler
All That’s Left Unsaid – Tracey Lien
Amazing Grace Adams – Fran Littlewood
The Animals In That Country – Laura Jean McKay
Apples Never Fall – Liane Moriarty
Appreciation – Liam Pieper
The Arrest – Jonathan Lethem
The Art Of Death – David Fennell
Arthur And Teddy Are Coming Out – Ryan Love
The Audacity – Katherine Ryan


The Banksia House Breakout – James Roxburgh
The Bass Rock – Evie Wyld
Beauty – Bri Lee
Becky – Sarah May
Being Britney – Jennifer Otter Bickerdike
Beowulf: A New Translation – Maria Dahvana Headley
Big Lies In A Small Town – Diane Chamberlain
Big Swiss – Jen Beagin
Bone Memories – Sally Piper
The Book Of Phobias And Manias – Kate Summerscale
Booth – Karen Joy Fowler
Borderland – Graham Akhurst
Bound To Happen – Jonathon Shannon
The Breaking – Irma Gold
Breasts And Eggs – Mieko Kawakami
The Breeding Season – Amanda Niehaus
Bruny – Heather Rose
Burst – Mary Otis
Business Or Pleasure – Rachel Lynn Solomon
The Busy Body – Kemper Donovan


Can’t Spell Treason Without Tea – Rebecca Thorne
The Catch – Amy Lea
Check & Mate – Ali Hazelwood
The Codes Of Love – Hannah Persaud
Come – Rita Therese
The Competition – Katherine Collette
The Concierge – Abby Corson
Confessions Of An Alleged Good Girl – Joya Goffney
CSI Told You Lies – Meshel Laurie


Damascus – Christos Tsiolkas
The Days Toppled Over – Vidya Madabushi
The Dead Romantics – Ashley Poston
DeadStar – Nick Griffiths
Dear Prudence – Daniel M Lavery
Demon Copperhead – Barbara Kingsolver
Desire – Jessie Cole
Double Lives – Kate McCaffrey


Earthlings – Sayaka Murata
Edenglassie – Melissa Lucashenko
The Eighth Life – Nino Haratischvili
Emmett – L.C. Rosen
Empire Of Pain – Patrick Radden Keefe
Eta Draconis – Brendan Ritchie
Everyone In This Room Will Someday Be Dead – Emily Austin
Everything Feels Like The End Of The World – Else Fitzgerald
Exes & O’s – Amy Lea


Faithless – Alice Nelson
The Fancies – Kim Lock
Fathoms – Rebecca Giggs
Fauna – Donna Mazza
Find Me – Andre Aciman
The First Astronomers – Duane Hamacher with Elders and Knowledge Holders
The First Time I Thought I Was Dying – Sarah Walker
The Five Wounds – Kirstin Valdez Quade
Fling – Joseph Murray
Fool Me Once – Ashley Winstead
From Where I Fell – Susan Johnson
The Fury – Alex Michaelides


The Gap – Benjamin Gilmour
Girl – Edna O’Brien
The Girls Are All So Nice Here – Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
Glitch Feminism – Legacy Russell
Go As A River – Shelley Read
Go Lightly – Brydie Lee-Kennedy
Going Dark – Julia Ebner
Good Morning, Destroyer Of Men’s Souls – Nina Renata Aron
The Great Pretender – Susannah Cahalan
Green Dot – Madeleine Gray
Guest House For Young Widows – Azadeh Moaveni


The Heart Is A Star – Megan Rogers
The Heart Principle – Helen Hoang
Heaven – Mieko Kawakami
Her Fidelity – Katharine Pollock
Here Be Leviathans – Chris Flynn
The Hiding Place – Jenny Quintana
His Only Wife – Peace Adzo Medie
How To Pronounce Knife – Souvankham Thammavongsa
Hurricane Season – Fernanda Melchor


I Choose Elena – Lucia Osborne-Crowley
I Give My Marriage A Year – Holly Wainwright
Idol, Burning – Rin Usami
If You’re Happy – Fiona Robertson
Ill Feelings – Alice Hattrick
The Imitator – Rebecca Starford
In A New York Minute – Kate Spencer
In The Dream House – Carmen Maria Machado
In The Margins – Elena Ferrante
Infamous – Lex Croucher
Infinite Splendours – Sofie Laguna
Island On The Edge Of The World – Deborah Rodriguez
The Islands – Emily Brugman
It Takes A Town – Aoife Clifford
The Italian Marriage – Jenna Lo Bianco


Jane In Love – Rebecca Givney


Kill Your Husbands – Jack Heath
Klara And The Sun – Kazuo Ishiguro


Lapvona – Ottessa Moshfegh
The Law Of Innocence – Michael Connelly
Legitimate Sexpectations – Katrina Marson
The Library – Andrew Pettegree and Arthur der Weduwen
Life Ceremony – Sayaka Murata
Like Mother – Cassandra Austin
Lily Harford’s Last Request – Joanna Buckley
A Lonely Girl Is A Dangerous Thing – Jessie Tu
Loner – Georgina Young
Love And Other Scores – Abra Pressler
Love, Hate & Clickbait – Liz Bowery
Love, Just In – Natalie Murray
Love Objects – Emily Maguire
The Love That Remains – Susan Francis
Loving Lizzie March – Susannah Hardy
Lowbridge – Lucy Campbell
Lucky’s – Andrew Pippos


Made In China – Anna Qu
Mammoth – Chris Flynn
A Man And His Pride – Luke Rutledge
The Marriage Act – John Marrs
Masters Of Death – Olivie Blake
The Matchmaker – Saman Shad
Mazel Tov – J.S. Margot
Men I Trust – Tommi Parrish
Missing, Presumed Dead – Mark Tedeschi
The Morbids – Ewa Ramsey
Mortals – Rachel E. Menzies and Ross G. Menzies
The Mosquito – Timothy C Winegard
Mother May I – Joshilyn Jackson
Murder Most Fancy – Kellie McCourt
My Body Keeps Your Secrets – Lucia Osborne-Crowley
My Mess Is A Bit Of A Life – Georgia Pritchett
My Soul Twin – Nino Haratischvili
The Mystery Writer – Sulari Gentill


Naked Ambition – Robert Gott
Nancy Business – RWR McDonald
Never Ever Forever – Karina May
Never Have I Ever – Joshilyn Jackson
New Animal – Ella Baxter
The Night Parade – Jami Nakamura Lin
No One Is Talking About This – Patricia Lockwood
No One Round Here Reads Tolstoy – Mark Hodkinson
A Not So Meet Cute – Meghan Quinn
Nothing But My Body – Tilly Lawless
Nothing Can Hurt You – Nicola Maye Goldberg


Odd Hours – Ania Bas
Of Gold And Dust – Samantha Wills
The One And Only Dolly Jamieson – Lisa Ireland
One Last Stop – Casey McQuiston
One Of Those Mothers – Megan Nicol Reed
Ordinary Matter – Laura Elvery
The Other Black Girl – Zakiya Dalila Harris
The Other Side Of Beautiful – Kim Lock
Our Members Be Unlimited – Sam Wallman
Out! – Miles McKenna
Out Of Breath – Anna Snoekstra


Pain And Prejudice – Gabrielle Jackson
Paris Match – John Von Sothern
Pearl – Siân Hughes
The Perfect World Of Miwako Sumida – Clarissa Goenawan
Permafrost – SJ Norman
Pheasants Nest – Louise Milligan
The Phone Box At The Edge Of The World – Laura Imai Messina
Piranesi – Susanna Clarke
The Professor – Lauren Nossett
The Prumont Method – Trevor J Houser
Puff Piece – John Safran
The Pulling – Adele Dumont



Rabbits For Food – Binnie Kirshenbaum
Reasonable Doubt – Xanthé Mallett
The Recovery Of Rose Gold – Stephanie Wrobel
Remainders Of The Day – Shaun Bythell
Remember Me – Charity Norman
Rogues – Patrick Radden Keefe
A Room Made Of Leaves – Kate Grenville


Sadvertising – Ennis Ćehić
The Safe Place – Anna Downes
The Sanatorium – Sarah Pearse
Search History – Amy Taylor
Second Place – Rachel Cusk
Servo – David Goodwin
The Seven Year Slip – Ashley Poston
Sex And Vanity – Kevin Kwan
The Shape Of Darkness – Laura Purcell
Shark Arm – Phillip Roope & Kevin Meagher
She Come By It Natural – Sarah Smarsh
She Is Haunted – Paige Clark
She Said – Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey
She Speaks – Yvette Cooper
Sheilas – Eliza Reilly
Shelter In Place – David Leavitt
Shmutz – Felicia Berliner
The Silence Project – Carole Hailey
Sociopath – Patric Gagne
The Speechwriter – Martin McKenzie-Murray
The Starless Sea – Erin Morgenstern
The Strangers – Katherena Vermette
The Strangers We Know – Pip Drysdale
The Studio Girls – Lisa Ireland
Such A Fun Age – Kiley Reid
The Summer Job – Lizzy Dent


A Tall History Of Sugar – Curdella Forbes
The Tap Cats Of The Sunshine Coast – Christine Sykes
The Teacher’s Pet – Hedley Thomas
The Temple House Vanishing – Rachel Donohue
Tender Is The Flesh – Augustina Bazterrica
The Terrible Event – David Cohen
The Testaments – Margaret Atwood
There’s No Such Thing As An Easy Job – Kikuko Tsumura
This All Come Back Now – Mykaela Saunders (ed.)
Throat – Ellen Van Neerven
To The River – Vikki Wakefield
Triple Helix – Lauren Burns
The Turn Of The Key – Ruth Ware


The Unusual Abduction Of Avery Conifer – Ilsa Evans


The Visitors by Jane Harrison
The Vitals – Tracy Sorensen


Watching Neighbours Twice A Day – Josh Widdicombe
Weather Girl – Rachel Lynn Solomon
The Weekend – Charlotte Wood
Weekends With The Sunshine Gardening Society – Sophie Green
When I Was Ten – Fiona Cummins
When We Were Vikings – Andrew David MacDonald
Whenever You’re Ready – Trish Bolton
Where You Left Us – Rhiannon Wilde
Why We Are Here – Briohny Doyle
The Woman In The Library – Sulari Gentill
Women & Children – Tony Birch
The Women Could Fly – Megan Giddings
Women Of Good Fortune – Sophie Wan
Writely Or Wrongly – Joanne Anderson
The Writing Retreat – Julia Bartz



You Have To Make Your Own Fun Around Here – Frances Macken
You Talk We Die – Judy Ryan



7 1/2 – Christos Tsiolkas
12 Steps To A Long And Fulfilling Death – Sarah Smith
56 Days – Catherine Ryan Howard
138 Dates – Rebekah Campbell

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