Loving Lizzie March - Susannah Hardy - Keeping Up With The Penguins
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Life is not exactly going to plan for Lizzie March.

She thought she’d be a fashion designer, but she’s working in a call centre. She thought her boss was Mr Right, but “dropping by” his house (which her best friend called “stalking”) landed her in hospital… where Lizzie finds out she’s pregnant.

Loving Lizzie March is the debut novel of former actress and comedy sketch writer Susannah Hardy. My friends at Macmillan were kind enough to send me a copy for review.

As a former hot-mess-slash-call-centre-employee myself, I figured if nothing else, Lizzie March would be relatable…

Loving Lizzie March is the perfect summer read for fans of Helen Fielding and Marian Keyes (i.e., me). Lizzie is occasionally exasperating, but on-the-whole endearing, and you’ll find yourself rolling your eyes at her while also desperately hoping that she finds her happily-ever-after.

I would offer a trigger warning for pregnancy-related issues, but beyond that this is a delightful rom-com about accidentally figuring your shit out.