Love Objects - Emily Maguire - Keeping Up With The Penguins
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Nic treasures things that others discard. It begins each morning, at 6AM, when she provides breakfast for all the stray cats of her neighbourhood. It continues each evening, after work, when she finds new objects to bring home.

Nic has always been especially close with her niece, Lena, but when a nasty accident exposes Nic’s hoarding, it causes a rift between them that may never be repaired.

This beautiful novel—seriously! look at that cover!—Love Objects is the latest from Australian writer Emily Maguire, and the amazing Allen & Unwin team were kind enough to send me a copy for review.

Maguire writes fearlessly about life’s messiness, without letting it consume or overwhelm the reader. I was particularly taken with Maguire’s treatment of class and perception; it’s a theme that purposefully permeates every strand of this story.

Love Objects is a frank and highly-readable novel about family, fear, and confrontation.

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