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You’ve heard that it takes a village to raise a kid – but did you know that it takes a town to solve a murder? That’s the idea at the heart of It Takes A Town, the new crime novel by Aoife Clifford, kindly sent to me for review by the fine folks at Ultimo Press.

Vanessa Walton was the shining star of her hometown of Welcome (a fictional town with a truly excellent name). When she’s found dead at the bottom of the stairs in her home, her funeral is one of the best-attended in living memory. And yet, she rubbed plenty of people in Welcome the wrong way – that might be why she was receiving threatening letters before she died. Was her death really an accident, or was it something more nefarious?

All signs are pointing to an accident, until a local teen goes missing. The same teen who was making noise about Vanessa’s death being suspicious. Solving the mystery of Vanessa’s final moments, and identifying her killer, might be the only way to get her home safe.

It Takes A Town is a standard small-town crime novel, complete with the blow-in detective from the big city. I definitely didn’t pick the baddie from the beginning, so it’s a well-plotted mystery in that regard. The thing is, it’s a bit hard to keep all the players straight. There are a lot of characters, their ages and characterstics are vague, and given that their relationships to each other are central to understanding the plot, it makes for quite a chaotic read.

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