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Lex Croucher’s latest, Infamous, is billed as “Bridgerton‘s wild little sister”. As I read it, though, I’d call it more a Gen Z rom-com take on Mary Shelley’s lost summer with Percy and Lord Byron. Either way, it sounds like fabulous fun, doesn’t it? Zaffre (via Allen & Unwin) were kind enough to send me a copy for review.

Brazen Eddie has been BFFs with kind Rose since they were young girls. The first cracks don’t appear in their bosom friendship until they both come out to society. Rose expresses interest in actually marrying – much to Eddie’s horror.

Eddie has very little interest in society or men at all, preferring to stick her nose in a book than into the marriage business. That is, until Nash Nicholson comes along, the captivating and unorthodox poet. Eddie worships him, for both his writing and his bohemian lifestyle. Rose feels she has no choice but to tag along when Nash invites Eddie to his remote country house, to ensure her friend doesn’t lose herself in his wake.

Infamous is a delightfully diverse and queer rom-com. It’s got a historical setting with a contemporary sensibility that will really resonate with a lot of readers (myself included). Plus, it’s funny!

Is that why you were so fixated on kissing? You’re planning on kissing this… this dessicated prune of a man?

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Pick up Infamous if you’re in the mood for a young, fun read with corsets and covert desire.