Go Lightly - Brydie Lee-Kennedy - Keeping Up With The Penguins
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The allusion to Breakfast At Tiffany’s in the title of Go Lightly is no accident. Ada is a 21st century Holly Golightly: young and beautiful, scraping by and falling in love and making it all up as she goes. I was thrilled that Bloomsbury Publishing sent me a copy for a review, because knowing that was enough to know I’d love it.

From the blurb: “Ada’s answer to most questions is: yes. Every night is an opportunity to be thrilled and every morning a chance to recount it to her friends, so when she falls for Sadie and Stuart at the same time, she sees no reason not to pursue them both… Go Lightly is a tribute to party girls who’d rather enjoy the present than fear the future or regret the past, and a love letter to the community you find when you’re far from home.”

Go Lightly is everything I hoped each of Sally Rooney’s novels would be, a millennial novel that actually captures the realities of millennial life. It’s wry and self-deprecating and insightful without holding your head under its water – like if Rooney had a sense of humour and used quotation marks for speech.

I’m pretty sure the ending of Go Lightly is going to be super-divisive among readers, so let me plant my flag now and say that I loved it. A too-neat resolution wouldn’t ring true in a novel about the messiness of contemporary early adulthood.

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