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I’ve long been a fan of Meshel Laurie’s Australian True Crime podcast, and the 360 view it offers of perpetrators, victims, and the “justice” system. That’s why I was so excited to pick up her book CSI Told You Lies (which my friends at Penguin sent to me for review).

It’s a natural extension of the interviews Laurie does on her podcast, exploring the role of forensic medicine in high-profile Australian crime investigations.

The book is named for the CSI Effect, the unrealistic expectations the general public have of forensic pathology based on that TV show and others like it. Laurie offers the truth to try and counteract that false perception.

Why would anyone choose to do forensic pathology work, to be a victim’s last doctor? Why are they so under-appreciated as crucial links in the chain of justice? What does their work actually involve?

Laurie’s approach makes CSI Told You Lies a de-facto collection of Australian true crime stories told from a different perspective than we’re used to, and I loved it. Some chapters meander, some conversations are tangential, but all are fascinating.

This one is a must-read for Murderinos who love to peek behind the curtain.