Bound To Happen - Jonathon Shannon - Keeping Up With The Penguins
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Have you ever browsed the Missed Connections section in your local paper? (Do they even still have those anymore? Am I showing my age here?) If your interest is piqued by all the near-misses and could’ve-been meet cutes, you’ll want to march straight down to your local bookstore and pick up a copy of Bound To Happen.

My copy was sent to me by my good friends at Ultimo Press – very kind of them, of course, but this could be my own missed meet cute. Who knows who I could’ve met browsing the New Releases shelves…

Bound To Happen is like a contemporary You’ve Got Mail. Sophie is a PhD student at the University Of Sydney, working her way towards a career with NASA. Tom is an arts student in a toxic relationship with a budding indie popstar. Sophie and Tom’s paths almost cross on many, many occasions: in bars, on the street, catching Uber Pools… Unbeknownst to them, they’re connected, but they just keep missing each other.

It’s a sweet opposites-attract romance, with fun arts versus science content, but honestly what I enjoyed most about Bound To Happen was its familiarity. Jonathon Shannon clearly lives in my neighbourhood, because that’s where he’s set his debut novel. Tom and Sophie go to so many places I know, and drink at so many bars I’ve frequented, it was like talking to someone I know IRL about how they met their soulmate.

Bound To Happen ends a little abruptly (which was surprising, given the inevitability of its conclusion), but it was still all-around a delightful read.

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