Could a Pretty Woman-type scenario really work? Lottie is about to find out in A Not So Meet Cute, the latest contemporary romance from best-selling author Meghan Quinn. Penguin Books Australia was kind enough to send me a copy for review.

Get yourself ready for the mother of all romance trope mash-ups. A Not So Meet Cute is a enemies-to-lovers, fake-dating, billionaire romance, with chapters told from alternating points of view.

Lottie is half-jokingly looking for a rich husband to pull her out of the financial black hole she has found herself in, after being fired by her best frenemy. Chance throws her into Huxley’s path, just as he happens to be looking for a fake fiance to help him cinch a major real estate deal. Can you imagine what happens next?

It’s completely unrealistic, of course, and totally predictable, but so what? It’s a fun, spicy romance with the door wide open. Some readers will be put off by the commanding and domineering manner of the leading man, but others will swoon – to each their own, et cetera.

As for me, I had fun reading A Not So Meet Cute, and I’ve tee’d up a few of Meghan Quinn’s audiobooks to see what else she has to offer.